These manuals have been used as training texts in development management courses. They are available as reference books for users of the "teach yourself" modules and participants in BAOBAB's training courses.
The manuals are designed to be used as complete texts; in some cases there are overlaps in the contents as the same material is used for different courses.

Access to the Baobab handbooks is by subscription only, and via a (time-limited) password. Each manual requires a different password. Upon receipt of the registration fee, we will email the password(s) to you.

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English Development Design
Project Cycle Management
Decentralised Integrated Development Planning (DiDep)
French Planification par Objectifs


The Baobab handbooks are in Acrobat format. Ensure that you have the free Acrobat reader which enables you to read, print, or download each handbook (in part or in total). Once you have finished viewing a manual press the Back button on the toolbar to go back to the Manuals page.

Using the Manuals from the Baobab Web Site
Download the latest version of the free Acrobat reader software from the website which will provide you with a download site near your region. For your convenience you may also download it from the links below on this BAOBAB page although these may not be the latest version available. To do this click on the appropriate one of the two program files below by simply clicking on its link and saving it to a directory (e.g. c:\temp) on your local hard disk. Note that there are two versions of the software provided; download the version compatible with your version of Windows. Run the program file and follow the subsequent installation instructions. Acrobat will automatically add itself to your Web Browser, enabling you to download and view acrobat files from within your browser window. You can save the files to your hard-drive and view them from there to reduce the time you need to be on-line. You can also print the files from your Acrobat reader.

To access the manuals, decide which manual you require from the list above and click on its name. After entering the relevant password, click on the chapter number to load it into the Acrobat reader. After it loads you can view the file in your browser. You can also choose to SAVE the file to your computer and PRINT out what you require on your printer.


Using the Manuals from the Baobab CD-ROM

  • When you install Baobab from the CD-ROM click on the "Install Adobe Acrobat" button
  • Alternatively to install Acrobat Reader at a later stage: Run rp505enu.exe from your Baobab CD, or click on the Start Menu, select "Run..." and type "D:\rp505enu.exe" in the Run dialog box and click the OK button.
To view a manual click on the link, when you are finished viewing the manual click on the Back button to return to the manuals page.